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on 07, Mar 2018
The ashes in my apartment was unbelievable. I was reluctant to resolve the issues because I was not sure of costs and if my insurance company would cover the damage. Thankfully the first company I contacted was Catstrong. The company worked with my insurance company to cover the cost of air duct cleaning. Not only did Catstrong resolve my dust issue, but helped to eliminate any future health hazards. Thanks Catstrong!!
Patrick Jonesq
on 05, Feb 2018
At the time of the renovation of my club the subcontractors identified mold! I was encouraged by my father to reach out to Catstrong. It's a very good thing I did! With the constrained time I have within my week, Catstrong worked with me to be there at any time I was in need of them and ensured that mold would not be a long term issue.
Sebastian Darling
on 06, Mar 2018
Catstrong helped my friend amid a mold problem and alleviated any stress throughout the process. We know who to call again if there are ever any other issues. Thanks Kelly and the team!
Duronima Shellit
on 09, Apr 2018
Four weeks ago at my brother's apartment, I discovered mold around the toilet in the guest bathroom and swiftly called Catstrong. Their team showed up within an hour's notice and explained the process of mold testing. The company worked with us from start to finish. We could not be more satisfied with Catstrong's efficiency through this entire experience.
Jerry Lyndall
on 19, Mar 2018
A few months ago my girlfriend purchased a twenty year old apartment. Upon moving in we noticed mold in various rooms. Catstrong helped us to remove the mold as well as work with the insurance company even though we were still unpacking! Catstrong is the most caring company i've ever worked with and truly wants to help people in times of panic.
Tristan Dolan

Mold Inspection of Austin is a professionalMold Inspection and Testing Company.

Mold spores are a big problem for homeowners. It can grow anywhere in the house which has a plumbing leak, poor ventilation, and high humidity. If left for quite a while, mold spores will eventually spread to different areas and damage house structures. Not only are molds a danger to your house, they also pose health risks for all occupants.

When you notice the presence of molds, you already need to make a move before things get worse for your house and your family.

Mold Assessment & Testing Austin TX

Air sample Austin Mold InspectionAre you worried that your house is in danger of molds? Then, the first thing you need to do is to assess and test your house for mold.

How Do I Get My House Tested For Mold?

There are several ways to get your house tested for mold:

  • Mold test kits. Do-it-yourself mold test kits can be purchased in home improvement stores or online retailers. To use these kits, you will collect samples by yourself and then send it to a mold testing laboratory where the type of mold present is determined.
  • Multiple mold tests. There are three types of mold tests: air testing, surface testing, and bulk testing. The amount of mold spores can change from time to time so it is better to test different parts of your home.
  • Professional mold testing. The best way to get your house tested for molds is to avail the services of professional mold inspectors. Hiring experts will definitely give you more accurate results.

If you could not see any visible signs but you think that there are hidden mold growth, a thorough inspection will be helpful.

Mold Expert? Licensed Mold Inspectors

mold testingMold Inspection is composed of mold inspectors trained to do the following services in Austin:

  • Mold inspection
  • Mold testing
  • Mold remediation
  • Mold removal
  • Asbestos testing
  • Asbestos abatement

Austin homeowners need not to worry anymore about mold problems in their homes. Mold Inspection of Austin ensures high-quality mold inspection, testing, and remediation services that will make your home mold-free. Our skilled professionals are also equipped with knowledge and experience on improving the air quality which results to a healthier and cleaner household.

Call Mold Inspection today at (512) 931-3245 to arrange a visit or ask any questions about mold inspection and removal.

Mold Inspection & Removal Costs

Mold inspection and removal is a must for a home that is threatened by various harmful mold. But how much do you need to pay for these services?

How Much Does A Mold Inspection Cost?

The cost of having a mold inspection in your house depends on the following factors:

  • Type of test (air sampling, surface sampling)
  • Size of the area to be tested

Mold inspections can cost between $500 to $600 for small and medium-sized houses, while it can cost between $800 to $1600 for larger houses.

If there is already visible mold growth, it will lower the costs unlike when inspections are done in the drywall.

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

Mold removal costs will depend on the following factors:

  • Type of mold
  • Area where mold is located
  • Size of the area affected by mold
  • Cause of mold
  • Type of mold removal procedure

There is no exact number for mold removal cost but for a small, contained area such as crawlspaces, it will cost about $1500. But for larger areas, it usually costs $4,000 and above.

Provide us a phone call today at (512) 931-3245 to ask any kind of concerns you have regarding mold development or your house’s indoor air quality, or to arrange a visit, as well as we’ll be eagerly anticipating aiding you.

Austin Mold Inspection

If you are looking for a mold inspector in the Austin area, Mold Inspection of Austin is the most trusted mold testing company in the nation.

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